Hey y'all! My name is Mary Grace. Some people call me MG. Others call me Momma. 

I am the heart and soul behind "Made with Grace Co.". 

I want you to know that every headband and hair accessory I make for you is thought of and dreamt about.  Designing and creating bring joy to my heart.  I don't have an extensive background in sewing. However, I do have a passion for DIY and an obsession for headbands! I am a self taught seamstress who is still learning a lot as I go.  I have been through many patterns and processes of making these headbands to "perfect" my vision and style. It is a very exciting process of learning and growing in this hobby.

I initially started making the headbands for my daughter and myself.  I loved the finished products so much and so did my friends and family.  I couldn't help but to keep designing and creating them.  So here we are...a girl following a dream and people buying my handmade products.  I am so grateful for the last year and all of the people who have supported my local small business. I am excited to expand my business with you. Thank you for stopping by and shopping with me today! 


You totally rock! Love you!  -MG